Acquisition and analysis of NMR spectra

Our group provides NMR service in the institute as well as offers NMR services to other institutions and companies. This includes determination (or verification) of the molecular structure and resonance assignment. The task may also require more in-depth studies of the 3D conformation or stereochemical analysis. Additionally, we offer quantitative NMR measurements for purity determination. All standard 1D and 2D NMR methods are applied, mostly on our 400 MHz spectrometers, although for special cases the 600 MHz spectrometer can be used.

To our partners we offer acquisition of one- and multi-dimensional NMR spectra on any of our spectrometers. The service is charged based on the price list below.

Price list (EUR, excluding taxes):

400 MHz 600 MHz 800 MHz*
1H NMR spectrum 17.53 38.28 43.61
1H un 13C NMR spectra** 63.06 125.31 141.30
NMR spectrometer time, per hr 60.19 137.98 158.19

* Equipped for solid-state MAS NMR
** Sample amount (mg) = 0.05 x molecular weight

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