Dr. Marina Petrova

Senior Researcher

E-mail: marina@osi.lv
Tel.: (+371) 67014900

Main research interests

Multinuclear liquid and solid NMR spectroscopy, intramolecular hydrogen bond, H/D NMR isotope effects, vegetable oils and their products, structure and dynamics of cationic and phospholipides as potential reagents for drug delivery and gene transfer.

List of selected publications

  1. Petrova M., Muhamadejev R., Vigante B., Cekavicus B., Plotniece A., Duburs G. and Liepinsh E. Intramolecular C-H···O Hydrogen Bonding in 1,4-Dihydropyridine Derivatives. Molecules (2011) 16: 8041-8052. DOI
  2. Smits R., Goncharenko Y., Skrivele B., Vigante B., Petrova M., Plotniece A., Duburs G. Synthesis and self-assembly of 3,4-dihydro-2(1H)-pyridone perfluoroalkyl ester cationic amphiphiles. Journal of Fluorine Chemistry (2011) 132: 414-419. DOI
  3. Cekavicus B., Kore K., Intenberga L., Plotniece A., Pajuste K., Petrova M., Belyakov S., and Sobolev A. Formation of novel 1,2,3,4-tetrasubstituted 3-pyrrolines through the cyclisation of γ-halo-β-ketoesters with aromatic amines and arylaldehyde. Tetrahedron Letters (2011) (in press)
  4. Petrova M., Muhamadejev R., Strakovs A., Pauliņš J., Strakova I., Liepinsh E. 1H, 13C and 15N chemical shifts and H/D NMR isotope effects in compounds with strong intramolecular NH···O=C hydrogen bond. Scientific Proceedings of Riga Technical University (Material Science and Applied Chemistry) (2008) 18: 35-56. Full text
  5. Petrova M., Liepinsh E., Pastors P., Fleisher M. and Kampars V. Synthesis of 2-(4′-r-benzylidene)-4-aza-1,3-indanediones and investigation of isomerization around the exocyclic double bond. Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds (2008) 44: 820-827. DOI
  6. Petrova M., E. Liepinsh E. 1H, 13C NMR analysis of vegetable oils. Scientific Proceedings of Riga Technical University (Material Science and Applied Chemistry) (2006) 44-51.
  7. Petrova M., Liepinsh E., V. Kampars. 1H NMR spectral analysis of gasolines with various content of octane boosters. Scientific Proceedings of Riga Technical University (Material Science and Applied Chemistry) (2005) 40-43.
  8. Tonkikh N., Duddeck H., Petrova M., Neilands O., and Strakovs A. Unusual formation of 2-aryl-7,7-dimethyl-6,8-epidiseleno-5,6,7,8-tetrahydro-5-quinazolines. Eur. J. Org. Chem. (1999) 132: 1585-1588.
  9. Strakovs A., Petrova M., Tonkih N., Brooks E., Kreishman G. An NMR study of the kinetics of 1.4-N,N’-migration of the acyl substituted vinylog on aromatic 1,2-diamines. J. Org. Chem. (1999) 64: 1426-1428. DOI
  10. Hansen P.E., Bolvig S., Duus F., Petrova M.V., Kawecki R., Kozerski L. Deuterium isotope effects on 13C chemical shifts of intramolecularly Hydrogen-bonded olefines. Magn. Res. Chem. (1995) 33: 621-631. DOI
  11. Petrova M.V., Liepins E., Paulins J., Gudriniece E. NMR multinuclear study of indane-1,3-diones. Magn. Res. Chem. (1992) 30: 216-220. DOI
  12. Liepinsh E., Petrova M.V., Bogoradovsky E.T., Zavgorodny V.S. 73Ge, 13C, and 1H NMR spectra of methylethynylgermanes. J. Organomet. Chem. (1992) 410: 287-291. DOI
  13. Liepinsh E., Petrova M.V., Gudriniece E.Yu., Paulins J., Kuznetsov S.L. Relationships between 1H, 13C and 17O NMR chemical shifts and H/D isotope effects on 13C and 17O nuclear shielding in intramolecular hydrogen bonded systems. Magn. Res. Chem. (1989) 27: 907-915. DOI

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