Henrik Biverstål, PhD

Senior Researcher

E-mail: henrik_biverstal@osi.lv

CV | Publications

Curriculum Vitae


2012 Course, Structural based docking and pharmacophore design, Accelrys
2012 Course, Pharmacology, Uppsala University
2011 Course, Pharmaceutical Bioinformatics, Uppsala University
2011 Course, Programing C++, NTI skolan
2008 PhD in Biophysics, Stockholm University
2006 Introduction course to Unix, NTI skolan
2005 Licentiate in Biophysics, Stockholm University
2005 Summer course, Protein NMR, Copenhagen, Denmark
2001-2002 Exchange student, KUINEP, Kyoto University, Japan
2001 Master in Biophysics, Stockholm University
1997-2001 Chemistry program, Stockholm University

Research Positions

2014- Senior Researcher, Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis
2011-2014 Post-doc, Biophysics/Biochemistry, Karolinska Institutet
2009-2011 Post-doc, Structural Biology, SLU
2008-2009 Post-doc, Biophysics, Stockholm University
2002-2008 PhD student in Biophysics, Stockholm University
1999 Laboratory assistant to Michael Jacobs, Inorganic chemistry, Stockholm University


2003-2009 Lab assistant, undergraduate courses in Biochemistry, Biophysical chemistry and molecular Biophysics
2007 Supervisor to master student in spectroscopical methods, 20 weeks
2006 Supervisor to exchange student in NMR spectroscopy, 20 weeks
2005 Supervisor to master student in fluorescence spectroscopy, 20 weeks
2004 Supervisor to master student in advanced spectroscopical methods, 5 weeks
2004 Supervisor to exchange student in circular dichroism and fluorescence spectroscopy, 20 weeks


Swedish (mother tongue)
English (Very good knowledge in both text and speech)
Japanese (Basic conversation)

Computer knowledge

Very good knowledge to work in MS windows environment (word, excel, powerpoint etc). Very good knowledge in mac OS X environment. Good knowledge to work in Unix environment (Linux, Oracle Solaris, IRIX etc). Basic knowledge in programing, mainly in Java and C++. Good knowledge in electronic lab book (ELN).

Laboratory knowledge

Very good knowledge in production, purification and characterization of recombinant proteins with Äkta FPLC, SDS-PAGE, Western blot etc. Very good knowledge in spectroscopy, mainly NMR, fluorescence and circular dichroism. Good knowledge in both organic and inorganic synthesis. Good knowledge in analytical methods such as GC and LC. Basic knowledge in cloning, Biacore, ELISA and MS.


  1. BRICHOS Domains Efficiently Delay Fibrillation of Amyloid β-Peptide. Willander H, Presto J, Askarieh G, Biverstål H, Frohm B, Knight SD, Johansson J, Linse S. J. of Biol. Chem. 287:31608-31617. (2012)
  2. Laurdan and di-4-ANEPPDHQ do not respond to membrane-inserted peptides and are good probes for lipid packing. Dinic J, Biverståhl H, Mäler L, Parmryd I. Biochim Biophys Acta.1808(1):298-306. (2011)
  3. Stabilization of neurotoxic Alzheimer amyloid-beta oligomers by protein engineering. Sandberg A, Luheshi LM, Söllvander S, Pereira de Barros T, Macao B, Knowles TP, Biverstål H, Lendel C, Ekholm-Petterson F, Dubnovitsky A, Lannfelt L, Dobson CM, Härd T. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 107(35):15595-600. (2010)
  4. Biophysical studies of the membrane location of the voltage-gated sensors in the HsapBK and KvAP K(+) channels. Biverståhl H, Lind J, Bodor A, Mäler L. Biochim Biophys Acta. 1788(9):1976-86. (2009)
  5. Dual targeting to mitochondria and chloroplasts: characterization of Thr-tRNA synthetase targeting peptide. Berglund AK, Spånning E, Biverståhl H, Maddalo G, Tellgren-Roth C, Mäler L, Glaser E. Mol Plant. 2(6):1298-309. (2009)
  6. The membrane-induced structure of melittin is correlated with the fluidity of the lipids. Andersson A, Biverståhl H, Linddahl E, Nordin J, Danielsson J, Mäler L. Biochim Biophys Acta 1768(1), 115-21 (2007)
  7. Real-time transmembrane translocation of penetratin driven by light-generated proton pumping. Björklund J, Biverståhl H, Gräslund A, Mäler L, Brzezinski P. Biophys J 91(4), 29-31 (2006)
  8. Two Novel Targeting Peptide Degrading Proteases, PrePs, in Mitochondria and Chloroplasts, so Similar and Still Different. Ståhl A, Nilsson S, Lundberg P, Bhushan S, Biverståhl H, Moberg P, Morisset M, Vener A, Mäler L, Langel Ü, Glaser E. J. of Mol. Biol. 349(4), 847-860 (2005)
  9. NMR solution structure and membrane interaction of the N-terminal sequence (1-30) of the bovine prion protein. Biverståhl H, Andersson A, Gräslund A, Mäler L. Biochemistry 43(47), 14940-14947 (2004)
  10. Structure and positioning comparison of two variants of penetratin in two different membrane mimicking systems by NMR. Lindberg M, Biverståhl H, Gräslund A, Mäler M. Eur. J. Biochem. 270, 3055-3063 (2004)

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