Protein production

Our laboratory is fully equipped for protein expression in E.Coli including:

Biosafety cabinet: ESCO Streamline SC2-4A1

Main use: safe working with cell cultures

Incubator-shaker: Infors HT Multitron

Main use: cell growth, protein expression

Centrifuge: Beckman Coulter Avanti J-E

Main use: large particle centrifugation (cells, cell debris, protein aggregates etc.)

Vertical electrophoresis system: Invitrogen XCell SureLock / Cleaver Scientific CS-300 OmniPAC

Main use: protein electrophoresis

Microvolume spectrophotometer: NanoDrop 2000c

Main use: protein and DNA concentration measurements, cell density measurements

Preparative protein LC system: ÄKTA Purifier 10

Main use: protein purification

-80° C freezer: Witeg WUF-400

Main use: cell preservation and storage

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